Kinguin and Team Refuse Giveaway!

You just can’t say no to that!
Kinguin &Team Refuse Giveaway!

BF Hardline, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft CardPack, Premium Mystery Keys and some cash to splurge on Kinguin. How about that!?

Take your part in another Battlefield crime story and join the endlessstruggle between cops and criminals, or become a professional truck driver who explores countless roads and directions, traveling across the Europe. Put your new cards on the table in a Hearthstone duel or just simply be surprised with our mystery gift… Oh! for those who’d rather make their own choices we have some money to spend on Kinguin.

Long story short, here is what you can win:

So, follow Kinguin’s Partner - Team Refuse and win some of those awesome goods!

Team Refuse is an e-sports organization created in May 2010 by a company of friends who all had the ambition to create a stable and well-known gaming industry brand. The team was initially introduced to the Greek e-sports scene but its immediate success acted as a foothold for its European foundations.

Oh and they definitely know how to make an offer you can't refuse…

Kinguin and Team Refuse Giveaway!


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It starts on 23th of March and ends on March 29th !

Congratulations to all lucky winners! Please contact us via Twitter to get your prize!