Attention! This Midweek comes with another batch of surprises!

Just in the middle of the week another awesome event takes place on Kinguin! And while you are browsing around, looking for a new game to play, you might end up winning a free order. How cool is that? 10 lucky winners will be refunded every day, so make sure to stop by, grab a deal and try your luck! 

And here comes the great selection of our weekly bargains.




  • Place and pay for an order during the promotion, storewide
  • Every day 10 lucky winners will be drawn.
  • Each winner gets back the money he or she paid.
  • The winners will be published here, at our blog, every day
  • The campaign is valid from October 23rd from 11:00 am CET to October 25th 11:00 am CET, storewide. 
  • The winners will be contacted via email 
  • You will receive your cashback in EURBalance in your account!
  • It doesn't matter if you're buying a hot new release or a classic, or a DLC. The offer applies to every single game and item bought at

S*******152 John R.
S*******D12 John B.
S*******23A mio j.
S*******A9D theodor mp.
S*******814 Vicente G. F.
S*******C10 Frederic W.
S*******1A1 Michał Fl.
S*******7B8 jiri p.
S*******0AD Andreas H.
S*******FA5 ash s.
S*******FB4 Dennis R.
S*******3FD Simone C.
S*******782 Felix R.
S*******90B Gianluigi F.
S*******774 Nick van der G.
S*******2D9 Patrik D.
S*******D99 Sascha W.
S*******FF7 Evan S.
S*******009 Luca T.
S*******670 Johannes J.
S*******A74 Aris B.
S*******2B8 Rocco M.
S*******194 Robert d.
S*******D93 Blair C.
S*******7C0 Patrick R.
S*******48A Ahmed Al-R.
S*******196 Marco S.
S*******875 Aleix P.
S*******418 Felix S.
S*******D0A Lorenzo G.