kinguin loginAttention!From 1st January 2015 the European Union changes the tax regulations.Please choose appropriate tax region below.

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The Crisis Has Spread

The world as you know it is in ruins. A deadly virus has decimated the U.S. population. Major cities are now battlefields. Newly formed factions -- militias and gangs -- clash in neverending struggle for power. Join the ranks of Division agents fighting to bring back the order. Get The Division 2 and SAVE with Kinguin.

OS:: Windows 7 | 8 | 10
CPU:: AMD FX-6350 | Intel Core I5-2500K
RAM:: 8 GB
GPU:: AMD Radeon R9 270 | Nvidia Geforce GTX 670
DIRECT: X: DirectX 11 | 12
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If you change the country of residence the retail price will include the tax applicable for that country, or no tax if outside of the EU
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