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Eve Online Add-on Pack – The Explorer Key

Eve Online Add-on Pack – The Explorer Key
Action Strategy MMO
Region free
Earn up to 0,00 US$ with Kinguin Mafia! Zistite viac!
Requires the base game EVE Online already activated.
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The Explorer Add-On Pack includes:

  • The Heron exploration frigate
  • A full set of skillbooks and equipment to kit out and fly your ship
  • Core Probe Launcher  and 16 Scanning Probes
  • Blueprints to manufacture additional skirmish frigates
  • 3 Salvage Drones for salvaging wreckage
  • Avatar apparel: male “Esquire” and female “Executor” coats (graphite)

Pirate research facilities, resource-rich gas clouds, and hidden archaeological sites are mysteries to all but the explorers of EVE Online, who make their fortunes discovering and looting lost treasures. These fortune hunters train unique skills and equip specialized gear for their trade, and there is no better way to break into the field than with the Explorer Add-On Pack. Set out for adventure, prepared to face the challenges that stand between you and untold riches.

Scan for derelict wreckage to loot and salvage.
Hack into pirate research labs and claim their advanced tech.
Launch probes to find wormholes leading to unknown space.





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