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Buy Dusk Diver Steam Altergift

Buy Dusk Diver Steam Altergift

Region free
Release date: 26/03/2019

The first anime-brushed action game featuring the famous tourist spot in Taiwan, Ximending.

Create your own unique combat combos and immerse yourself into the demon slaying experience in Ximending.

Dusk Diver is an anime-touched 3D ACT game. You will be playing as an ordinary high school girl, Yang Yumo.Shuttling between the surface and inner worlds of Ximending, fighting against the demon invasions with the guardians siding with you. 


  • Traveling between the surface and the inner world, quietly protect the peace of Ximending 
  • Diverse attack combinations, plentiful moves and skills, summoning the guardians to flight along with.
  • Combat system that aligns the protagonist and guardians into battle
  • Game sets at Taiwan's famous tourist spot "Ximending", as if you are physically on the scene. 
  • Deluxe Japanese & Taiwanese dubbing lineup, interpreting the characteristics in depth
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