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Buy Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - The Capitol Defender Pack DLC PS4/XBOX One/PC CD Key

Buy Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - The Capitol Defender Pack DLC PS4/XBOX One/PC CD Key

Region free
Requires the base game The Division 2 on PC/XBOX One/PS4 in order to play.
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Release date: 15/03/2019


  • Exotic SPAS-12 Shotgun
  • Hazmat 2.0 Outfit

Washington D.C. is on the brink of collapse. Lawlessness and instability threaten our society, and rumors of a coup in the capitol are only amplifying the chaos. All active Division agents are desperately needed to save the city before it's too late.

You are a member of the Division, an elite group of civilian agents charged with being the last line of defense. With DC at risk, it's time to gear up and use your unique skills to take on this new threat.

Unlike anything before it, The Division 2's Washington D.C. is a 1:1 representation of the real city, making the game world more authentic than ever. The game's map offers up-close-and-personal views of landmarks, natural landscapes, neighborhoods, and enemy hideouts.

Various factions, vying for power in the wake of the crisis, are aiming to claim DC’s future for themselves. Only Division agents are equipped to take on these new threats and protect the civilians that remain.

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