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200.000 Tibia Gold

200.000 Tibia Gold
Adventure RPG MMO
Region free
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200.000 Tibia Gold

Platform:  PC
Release Date:    -



Product Description

Requires active Tibia account!
Delivery time: 1-48 hours
The offer does not apply to Inferna and Dolera servers.

Tibia Gold makes the world go round

  • Tibia gold is the common currency for Tibia. Use it to pay for weapons, armour and food.

  • Nobody can get along in Tibia completely without bought goods like armor, potions or weapons. You need Tibia Gold to pay for these things.

  • We offer Tibia Gold at very good conditions, cheaper than most of our competitors.

Key activation

Delivery type "Face to Face"
As soon as we receive your payment, our employees will whisper to you ingame. Please meet with our employee immediately for the Gold handover.

Delivery time:
The delivery is about 12-48 hours after payment receipt. However, we can fulfil 90% of our orders within 1-12 hours after payment is received. Besides that, our support team is at your service at any time.

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