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EVERYTHING is cheaper with Krowns. Forget about preposterous exchange rates imposed by banks. Choose Krowns -- the new, fast & secure token you can use to buy, sell or trade goods and services on Kinguin. NEW! Get a 10 percent DISCOUNT on ANY purchase with Krowns! Select your item(s), choose KRS as your payment method and enter the code KRS10 at the checkout. is the evolutionary next step of the current Kinguin platform. This new decentralized platform will allow you to not only continue buying/selling/trading games and in-game items, but also services.

Once implemented, you will be able to offer/purchase coaching, co-op assistance, streaming/PC tech support, streaming services, creative services, and much much more.

The platform will be completely decentralized, meaning faster transactions, safer information security, and better conversational trading – like using our Discord chatbot to trade with other users or merchants on Kinguin.

3 KRS Krowns Voucher

44,98 kr

5 KRS Krowns Voucher

50,60 kr

10 KRS Krowns Voucher

106,82 kr

20 KRS Krowns Voucher

247,37 kr

50 KRS Krowns Voucher

618,43 kr

100 KRS Krowns Voucher

1 124,42 kr
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