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Buy Sphere III - Starter Pack DLC Steam CD Key

Buy Sphere III - Starter Pack DLC Steam CD Key

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Please note that the starter pack can only be purchased once.
Requires the base game Sphere III: Enchanted World on Steam in order to play.

The pack contains:

    Premium status for 7 days : Premium status doubles the amount of gold and items awarded for killing monsters, increases the amount of experience and honor you receive by 10%, provides an additional bag slot and gives plenty of other useful bonuses. 

    Chestnut horse whistle (7 days): Summons a fast mount that increases your movement speed and maximum health.

    Fox cub whistle (7 days): Summons a cute pet that collects items for its master.

    Resurrection scroll (5 items): Allows player to resurrect on the spot without losing experience.

    Teleportation stone (10 items): Transports the player to an already discovered teleporter from anywhere in the world.

This starter pack contains plenty of useful items. They will assist you in your adventures and introduce you to the convenience of using store-bought items.

Buying this pack will give you items at a significant discount!

Some items from the pack cannot be transferred to other players.
The purchased pack can be claimed from the "Gifts" tab in the in-game shop.

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