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Gigantic Ultimate Bundle XBOX One CD Key

Gigantic Ultimate Bundle XBOX One CD Key
Actionspel RPG MMO
Region free
German English French
Release date: 20 Jul, 2017
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Det krävs grundspelet Gigantic på XBOX ONE för att spela.
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Ultimate Bundle Includes: Access to two exclusive skins, Rubies, boosts, and more! 

Gigantic is a free-to-play shooter MOBA where you and four teammates fight alongside and protect an immense monster called a guardian as you battle another five-player team and defeat their guardian.


Meet the guardians
A five-story mythical monster, each guardian gathers a team of five heroes, fights at their side, and resurrects them when they fall in battle. Combine your hero’s skill with the power of a naga, griffin, or another guardian, and you’ll dominate the battleground.

Choose your hero
Choose from elusive snipers, powerful spellcasters, and heavy-metal juggernauts. Whether you come from shooters, MOBAs, MMOs, or action games, you’ll find something familiar—and something new.

Customize and adapt
As you fight, you’ll level up and improve your skills—and you choose how to improve. Get faster, tougher, or more lethal. Improve as a healer, develop a new area attack, or immobilize your enemies.

Capture key points
Once you leap off the airship that brings you to the battlefield, you’ll rush forward and seize summoning circles: magic locations that feed power to your guardian.

Summon creatures
At each circle, you can summon a creature to be your guard and ally. All creatures defend their summoning circles with a wide array of attacks, and each one grants your team another power. Some reveal hidden enemies, heal your team, or reduce enemy damage.

Vanquish enemies
You’ll battle five enemy heroes for control of the summoning circles, and each kill gives your guardian a jolt of power. As you fight, watch your guardian get stronger as it prepares to join the fray.

Steal power
Your enemies have a guardian, too. If you can reach it on the far end of the battleground, you can attack it to steal its power. But beware! The enemy guardian is hardly defenseless...

Join the rampage
When your guardian’s power meter maxes out, it rampages across the battleground. Fight alongside it, and you’ll have a chance to wound the enemy guardian and get one step closer to victory.

Power the shield
Sometimes the enemy guardian rampages toward you. If it does, go on the defensive and take out enemy heroes. That not only prevents those enemies from joining the attack, but it builds up a magic shield that protects your guardian.

Attack the heart
Every rampage—yours or theirs—ends with the rampaging guardian making a massive attack that leaves the defending guardian’s heart exposed. Hit that glowing spot with all you’ve got, and you’ll inflict a wound. If you wound the enemy guardian twice, you’ll trigger the Clash—a final climactic battle where you must inflict a final wound to win!

The Clash
A Gigantic battle ends in a climax called the Clash. Both guardians rampage their way to the middle of the battleground. The summoning circles don’t matter anymore (though the creatures still do!). What matters is getting kills to power up your guardian and finish off the enemy guardian with a final wound!







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4. På nästa sidan klicka på "Redeem"
5. Ange din kod
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7. Klicka på "Confirm" igen för att tilldela nyckeln till ditt konto.

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