XBOX Punish Players for Swearing?

NBA 2K14 and FIFA 14 Punish Players for Swearing. These games punish you for foul language!

If you play NBA 2K14 or FIFA 14 on Xbox One, you might want to keep your bad language in check. Both games are listening through the always-on Kinect and may give you a reprimand or even a technical foul for your colorful outburst.

A YouTube user has uploaded a video that shows NBA 2K14 giving him a technical foul for using bad language while playing the game. (It shouldn't come as a surprise that the video contains bad language).

A Reddit user posted a screenshot of a similar experience with FIFA 14 for Xbox One. After swearing, they received a message from his team city's board of directors reprimanding him for spouting expletives.

Of course, the Kinect integration in these games is used for more than just punishing players. You can also use voice commands to do things like substitute players and call plays. And if you're an unrepentant curser, you can turn off voice commands in the options menus of both games.

Such notifications aren't entirely new to these series, as both FIFA 13 and NBA 2K13 had similar features.

Source: Ign