Gaara and Amaz dominate with Priest and Shaman - Summary of Kinguin For Charity Winter Edition 2015 Day 1

Kinguin for Charity Winter Edition 2015 Day 1 has come to its fruition; we have all expected that the matches would be at the very least AMAZing, but the eventual quality of the games have easily exceeded all the expectations!

The best Shaman in the world strikes

It looks like it’s going to rain, surprisingly it’s raining men - ones that prove why they are being called “the best at their favorite class”. The best Shaman in the World decided to not be left behind after seeing Amaz’s beautiful performance on Priest. As a result, Gaara went on to crush RDU’s hopes by going 3-1 after the defeat he suffered in the Druid mirror match-up during game one. One thing needs to be mentioned – we might be looking at a possibility of The Best Shaman vs The Best Priest semi-final!

Amaz vs Kaldi

Amaz steals Kaldi’s Archmage Antonidas and denies at least 12 damage from user-created Fireballs

Admittedly, it was quite surprising that Amaz’s Priest was not given enough respect after its extremely impressive results at the 2014 edition. Despite Kaldi’s valiant efforts, Amaz snatched the win in a convincing 3-1 fashion; the word has been spread – the best Priest user in the world is ready to steal and snipe, with style!

Firebat vs Dog

Fireballception incoming, Paladin - your heals are not going to save you today

It has to be said – fireballception is now a legitimate word in the dictionary of Hearthstone. If you ever find yourself against an extraordinary Mage player, proceed to use Hunter and rush your enemy down just like Firebat did; he is called the most aggressive player in the world for a reason – the juggernaut of Archon Gaming strikes swiftly and deadly, yet again.

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Thank you for tuning in today and we hope you all had a tremendous time watching the games. We will be seeing you on Day 2; tomorrow at 14:30 CET / 13:30 GMT / 08:30 EST / 05:30 PST

If you missed some of the action - do not fret! VODs will be available soon here.