Brace yourself - the Fall is coming. Titanfall Launch Trailer

On March 13th Titans will fall from the sky. Respawn Entertainment is ready to give us a completely new kind of FPS. On this occasion they also present an official gameplay launch trailer.

Official Gameplay Launch Trailer:

I know how important is to know how the maps in online FPS look like before we start the game. That's why I prepared for you first look to all 15 maps that will be available on release. Just click on the map to see it in higher resolution.

Airbase                                                     Angel City                                               Boneyard

Colony                                                     Corporate                                                Dementer

Fracture                                                   Lagoon                                                    Nexus

Outpost 207                                             Overlook                                                  Relic

Rise                                                         Smuggler                                                  Training Ground

Don't forget to preorder your copy to be the first on the next-gen battlefield.