Time to milk the cow!  Cowsep has GTA V to give! Now it’s your moo!

Holy Cow! Is that one of the most wanted games of this year? Yep, GTAV is here and it’s for free! It’s time for Kinguin and Cowsep cowtastic giveaway!

This game is legen - wait for it - dary! And everyone should play it at least once in their life.
Why? Let us tell you why: GTA 5 is an amazing open world, thick gameplay with great missions, a multidimensional plot, characters with really interesting personalities and brilliant visuals!

But let’s get back to the milk of human kindness…Cowsep has 2 copies of this game and he wants you to play!

His cow look alike hat became his trademark. Cowsep “le funny league man” is also a Team2g player, he is the current Master Tier on Korea and Diamon1 on USA.

Cowtastic giveaway!

Winner will be announced on 27th of April.

To collect your prize please contact us on [email protected] within 7 days from announcing the winners!

Let’s moo People!