The Tilt

You see it everyday, but have you ever wondered why it is not straight? Why it leans to the left? I'm writing about... the mouse cursor. The image of arrow with its 22,5 degree tilt is so obvious that no-one ever wonders what caused it. Now you will know.

The reason is very simple. Or 'was' very simple... We have to go back to the era of bigger pixels. Computer mouse, and of course its digital end, cursor were designed by Douglas Engelbart. At that time cursor was pointing directly up.

But when research and development company Xerox PARC made their computer, the cursor had to be changed to tilted arrow because of very low screens resolution at the time. It was hard to make nice looking arrow with such big pixels.

Just check Xerox's concept graphics of what straight and tilted arrows would look like:
Now you know:)