Start the Battle with Team2g!

Let’s celebrate the BF Hardline world premiere together with Team2g and Kinguin!

The cop or the criminal? Choose your side wisely and take the fight to the streets and feel the heat of the battle! 

Win one of 5 copies of Battlefield Hardline or some cash to spend at Kinguin!

Team2g is a community of entertainers dedicated to playing a variety of games. They labeled themselves as a family of streamers and gaming advocates with a multitude of gaming experience that ranges from high level competitive League of Legends tournaments, to the new MMORPG Wildstar. Every member entertains in their own unique way. Streamers participating in this giveaway are: Trick2g, Obby190, Cowsep, QMGSaint, Luuap.

Have fun and good luck!
Kinguin keeps his fingers crossed ( imagine that!)

Start the Battle with Team2g!

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Winners will be announced here on 24th of March!