Kinguin for Charity Spring 2015 (Day 1) - Attack on Kolento, Amaz versus Massan and free lessons in Ropeaching!

There is no need for introductions when the tournament’s line-up consists of nothing else but top-notch players from all over Europe and North America. Grab your friends and make yourself comfortable, we are about to take you into a place, where high quality games are nothing else, but a given!

Without a doubt in one’s mind, these two do not need to be introduced, as tens of thousands go wild every day during their streaming sessions. Being two of the most recognizable social figures in the Hearthstone community, these two are sure to bring the highest level of entertainment.
Most recently, Massan’s has earned himself the The Pinnacle’s official champion belt after winning its third installment. Both players enjoy theory crafting and their ability to come up with oddball, tech choices in their decks is known throughout the entirety of the Hearthstone community. If you miss a match like this, you might put yourself at the verge of angering the almighty gods of RNG!

We are ecstatic to welcome Alchemixt into our tournament line-up, however he stand against a brick wall called Lifecoach, however the ropes, which usually appear during the latter’s matches might not exactly be friendly. Additionally, the member of team Nihilum has been performing outstandingly well in the most recent Hearthstone tournaments, as he achieved the second place at both The Pinnacle #2 and HoC 2015 #1.

Certainly, a match between players of such high caliber could have easily been a final of a 32-man tournament as both Savjz and Thijs have been around the professional Hearthstone scene, since its very beginnings.
The Finnish representative of Team Liquid, also known as the king of veterans, definitely has his sights on winning the spring installment of Kinguin for Charity; however the man that stands in his way is none other than ThijsNL, a newly recruited player on Team Nihilum, who has a history of performing extremely well during every single Dreamhack tournament that he has ever taken a part in. There is no doubt that those series could easily be one of the best that we are going to witness during the opening day.

It is not an easy task to beat one of the most talented players to ever exist in the Hearthstone history during the later stages of a tournament and being thrown against one at the very beginning might prove to be an undeniably difficult obstacle.
Kolento’s proficiency at deck-crafting and risk assessing is something that has always been labeled as the stuff of legends. The Gladiator of Cloud 9 has been recently dominating the professional scene of Hearthstone, earning himself the first place during HoC 2015 #1 and Kinguin for Charity Winter Edition 2015. One might say that Frezzar will be starring in a blockbuster-like movie called “Attack on Kolento”.

The first day of the tournament is looking at the very least ridiculously promising, however let us not get lost in the hype-zone, as duty calls – we are gamers, and today we can all feel like superheroes, as we join ranks with Child’s Play in order to bring help to the children from all over the world.
Over the span of the next three days you will be able to donate any amount of money to the Child’s Play foundation through the widgets on our official site and Twitch Channel.