Payday 2 Finally Releases!

Overkill is finally released the sequel to payday the well-received criminal simulator

Overkill is finally released the sequel to payday the well-received criminal simulator and after playing the beta I can happily say they’ve improved on the original in every single way. Payday has always been about pulling the heist with as few casualties as possible. In the first payday it was pretty hard to do that as the game wasn’t really designed around completing the missions without being detected a pretty big omission in mine and everyone else’s opinion.

Thankfully though in Payday 2 they have fixed this and have made it possible to complete a whole mission without being detected and I can tell you it is pretty difficult or at least for me it is as I am pretty incompetent. For the more able among us there are several different difficulties in which to try your mettle, I’ll stick to normal though!

Another addition to payday to is the customisation overkill have added a wealth of customisation options to the guns and masks in the game you can obtain these additions by completing heists you get a card drop at the end of a successful mission in which you choose one from three cards. There are materials patterns and colours for masks and a plethora of options for your guns such as Scope’s stocks and silencers. All of these really add to the feeling of progression within the game.

A week or so ago overkill announced that they’d already made a profit on the game before it even released which is for a great thing for an indie developer in industry work should play games seem to dominate the landscape thankfully people are overkill are showing that you don’t need a bank breaking budget to make a thoroughly enjoyable game.

I can’t wait to sit down with my brother and plan our heists until it all eventually blows up in our faces and we’re stuck with several hostages trying to repel a SWAT assault whilst trying to break into the vaults. No doubt the drill will jam on us and we will be taken into custody, but at least we had fun doing it!

Payday 2 is honestly one of the best games of 2013 and I highly recommend you try it.