Battlefield 4: Naval Strike delayed on PC

Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike DLC is out today for those who’ve subscribed to Battlefield Premium. Just not if you play the game on PC. DICE and EA have decided to delay the add-on for master racers, as they’ve stumbled upon a bit of a quality issue.

          “…we are delaying the launch of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike on PC.

           We’ve detected an issue and it needs to be solved,” DICE says

           on the Battlefield Blog."

We can also read that:

          “Quality is our number one priority and we will not release

           Battlefield 4 Naval Strike on PC until we feel it meets the highest

           quality level possible."

Funny that, because if their focus really was on quality, Battlefield 4 wouldn’t have been released in the shoddy state it was in October last year :)

Naval Strike adds four new maps to the game:

Lost Islands: Blow open a crashed passenger plane and capture fishing villages across these tropical islands.

Wave Breaker: Drop a submarine on your foes as you infiltrate a naval base or rush between shipping docks and rocky islands on this massive map.
Nansha Strike: Wage war across stormy seas in the largest ocean stretch in a Battlefield map yet.
Operation Mortar: Storm an abandoned cliff-side resort, or get lost in the breathtaking vistas in this map.

It also marks the spiritual return of Battlefield 2142‘s Titan mode in Carrier Assault, where players will now have to destroy the enemy carrier before they’re able to do the same to yours.

There’s no word on when the DLC will be available for PC gamers.

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