Movember Contest on Kinguin

WINNERS DRAWN! Meet your chance to win Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, cash to spend on games or discount codes to use this December on Kinguin!

Rules are simple: just upload a picture of your favourite videogame character with a beard, mustaches, a goatee or even bristles. It can be naturally grown or artistically painted -we accept it all as long as it is funny. You can get an extra entry for following us on Twitter, as well as Twitch in the form below.

The winning entries will be announced on our Facebook page on December 1st. So show us your staches and you can spend your winter playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare or other games for free. YOU HAVE TO UPLOAD a mustached game character in order to participate.

All the winners, please contact us via personal message on the Kinguin Facebook page. Check the winning entries HERE. The winnners' names are listed in the window below.

Kinguin Staches