Kinguin World Record – It Has Begun!

Today our dear collegue from KinguinTV– Hubert Blejch has started his unique videogame marathon. He will play for 135 hours 15 minutes 10 seconds to raise money for charity!

Great adventure has begun! 135 hours 15 minutes 10 seconds - this is the current Guinness record in the longest videogame marathon and today KinguinTV streamer – Hubert Blejch started his trial to break it. There is a lot to fight for – during the whole event people can donate money to help improving the lives of children in hospitals around the world!

All funds raised during Kinguin World Record event will be donated to Child`s Play, the game industry charity and equally shared between 4 hospitals in Poland, Germany, United Kingdom and United States. We are supporting a Polish charity, RAK OFF, which helps people suffering from various types of cancer : you may send your donations here:

Hubert Blejch aka Gordon is a very experienced player – he started his gaming experience with Atari at the age of six! Gaming became his passion and throughout the years, he has been actively engaging with the industry, ranging from game retailing, testing to streaming. Since July, 2014 he has been preparing himself for this challenge both physically and mentally. Training sessions were conducted and streamed on KinguinTV.

You can watch Gordon streaming throughout the whole event on KinguinTV channel on Twitch ! If you want to find out more about Kinguin World Record or contribute to the event, don't wait and visit this page:

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