Kinguin Twitch Schedule (July 15-16)

Join us on our Twitch channel today!

Today nitjsefni will start the stream playing Rayman Legends. He will proceed with playing games suggested by you. Later today you will be able to join WorkOrc, Nanjitsu and Victor will end the program. Besides the huge portions of fun, you will get to know our Kinguin crew, talk with them and join them play awesome games. There are special discounts and offers exlusively for our Twitch community offered regularly.

Do not hesitate to add us on all major game platforms:

  • Steam: kinguintv
  • Origin: kinguintv
  • Uplay: kinguintv
  • kinguintv#2612
  • League of Legends (EUW/EUNE): KinguinTV
  • Wildstar: KinguinTV