Kinguin For Fun - Game Comedy Contest

Kinguin For Fun - Game Comedy Contest! Now it is your chance to become a star of the Internet! Make a funny video  and grab the 1000 USD!

Kinguin For Charity Tournament gathered thousands of fans in front of the monitors. You proved that your hearts are not made of stone. Thanks to Child's Play Foundation kids from all over the world appreciate your goodness. We also want to repay you and we have an idea You may like ;)

This time, we give you the videos from the tournament and prize cash in the amount of $1700. If you have a sense of humor this is your chance to prove it! Why won’t we try to feel the motions once again? Let’s prepare short, funny viral video! Yeahh! The more the better! If you have ever wondered how it is to be a comedy director, that’s the fine occasion to show your skills!

Rules of the contest:

- competitors use the VOD's from this tournament Kinguin create short 1-2 minutes funny video (in game comedy style). All VOD's from the tournament are available HERE (you can get some help with downloading videos here). Remember that Kinguin has to be visible in the video!

- videos have to be sent between 22nd of December and 31th of January 2014 to the following email address: [email protected] (include "Kinguin For Fun" in the title). Videos should be sent via file transfer service (for example WeTransfer or Dropbox). Submitted videos cannot be published in the internet without prior approval from Kinguin.

- once your video is published on Kinguin YouTube Channel users may start voting for your video (you will be notified via email)

- Submitted video must be new - not published anywhere else as to the date of its submission

- Videos cannot contain any reference to racism, violence, intolerance etc.

Voting for the best video will start on 2nd of February, 3 best videos will receive:

  • 1st place: $ 1000
  • 2nd place: $ 500
  • 3rd place: $ 200

Relive those emotions again! To work directors!

UPDATE: because we received so many requests to prolong the contest, you may send your videos up to 31st of January!