Kinguin for Charity Winter Edition 2015 - Semi-Finals Summary

There is a particular bat in this tournament that is on fire; however Neirea will be looking to create some blazing spotlight for himself, it's not an everyday thing to get an opportunity to beat the World Champion. On the other side of the bracket, Massan's ability to adapt will undergo a series of tests, especially if fate decides to put him against Kolento's new Warlock deck.

If you are going to steal it, why not do it in a stylish way at the same time?

Uther dominance and control over the course of all three games. It is quite adequate to say that this bat is on fire, isn’t it? The young powerhouse of Archon Gaming has been in a constant development phase ever since Blizzcon. His ability to shine on aggressive decks does not shadow his proficiency at control decks anymore and the display given to us against Neirea was one of the best proofs any audience could have ever asked for.

Yes, Lord Jaraxxus is the real MVP. He is Erredar Lord of the Burning Legion for a reason, you know?

What happens when a player brings a relatively new deck to a tournament, where most people will underestimate him due to his most recent and not extremely impressive results? He will show them that he is not the person to be underestimated under any circumstances, usually by being innovative in his gameplay. Kolento used to be associated with stale deck choices. To be quite fair, one could go as far as to believe that others began to forget Kolento’s supreme ability to create new decks from a scratch; and his proficiency at using them. One cannot predict the outcome when facing things that he is not knowledgeable about with and Kolento knows it all too well, being the master innovator that he has, once again, proved to be.