It’s time for Kinguin and Fnatic Giveaway!

Try your luck in Fnatic and Kinguin Giveaway!

There are plenty of great games waiting for you. Finest strategy, excellent action, or remarkable adventure. The choice is yours! You can fight battles across the galaxy, become a part of magical worlds slaying dragons or be a parkour master running away from your walking dead attackers. You can save the world showing no fear to your enemies, or you can ruin it with one unlucky step...Cards are on the table! Will you pick up the gauntlet?

Let’s play then! Get your dreamed-off game from Fnatic Sale!

Check top choices of one of the best eSport teams in the world. Fnatic stands as a heavyweight in the world of eSports. Over the years their players have achieved incredible success and won numerous world championships across the globe.

All you have to do is to enter giveaway below! And remember that more entries give you higher chance to win! We will random 10 lucky winners and if you are one of them, you'll get to pick a game on this list for free!

Fnatic and Kinguin giveaway

Winners will be announced here on 23th of February

Stay tuned and Good luck!