How Do You React In Typical Situations

Pack of gifs showing how do we react in everyday situations. Enjoy:)


01. When I want to buy new game for PS4

02. When I bought a new keyboard

03. When my drunk friends discovered that I have kinect

04. When I turned the light off  in the basement

05.When I want to comment a post and discover that it have already 1000+ comments

06. When I click Photoshop icon instead of Chrome by mistake

07. When I've played Assasin's Creed for a first time

08. When the game stopped lagging

09. When I connect to Spanish server

10. When someone tells that Nintendo games are only for kids

11.When someone is  threatening me by telling he is a 'hacker'

12. When my girlfiend is playing a video game

13. When I typed password in login box by mistake

14. When you ate the last cookie

15. When you killed your boss in Counter Strike

16. When I start new mmo and hope that someone will help me

17. When I skipped tutorial

18. When you hear 'Half Life 3'

19. When I'm typing the password and someone is looking at the keyboard

20. When someone wrote 'brb' but is not coming back

21. When someone misspelled your nick name

22. When I used 'your' instead of 'you're'