Games on Linux

I admit that in the matters of Linux I am an ignoramus. All I know is that, compared to Windows, the amount of games is a bad joke. I am aware of the existence of things like Wine but I was interested in starting games on Linux without any additional plugins.

I've started with reserch concerning the problems I can expect excluding the obvious lack of games. The main problem mentioned on many forums was an issue with unprocessed graphics drivers for Linux (do you remember Linus Torvalds announcement for Nvidia?).

After that I was ready to check how a Linux noobie (yeah, that's me) will manage to use Steam and play games on Ubuntu. My test platform was a computer powered by AMD A10-7850K (with integrated Radeon R7 graphics).

Even without base knowledge about Ubuntu configuration everything went smoothly. The system installed easily, although Steam informed me about no support for directx OpenGL. After the 3rd reinstalation of AMD Catalyst drivers the first issue was solved.

Using the Steam client is identical as on Windows. If you have games compatible with Linux in your library they will be visible in separate tab. It is good that you don't have to buy them again (if it were EA Origin I think that it would probably be neccessary).

So what games can we play on Linux? The selection is small but we can find some nice games like Europa Universalis IV, Football Manager 2014, Cities in Motion 2, Metro: Last Light, Amnesia, Rust, Space Hulk, Little Inferno, or Shank.

Metro, Little Inferno and Shank 2 started without problems. Unfortunately Amnesia had a problem with the flashlight effect as you can see below and Space Hulk froze on game menu (but this was probably caused by the fact that the developer is still working on 64-bit version).

So what next? When there are going to be more games for this platform? Well, it all depends on Valve now. And I'm writing of course about Steam Machines and their linux-based operating system - SteamOS. Only such a gigant as Valve can make a difference and force developers to work on ports of their games to Peinguin.