The Future Is Bright!

Create your own store with Kinguin!


Have you always wanted to create your own store but lack the knowhow and time? Well Kinguin has you covered! With Kinguin’s create your own store it essentially does as much or as little as you want, giving you full controls over your store. You can even use your own domains and brands.

Create your own store is the perfect blend of power and accessibility. Want to start a promotion to reward your customers? Go ahead! Want to adjust prices of games? Be our guest! Kinguin has you covered no matter what the problem may be. Eventually over the coming months more designs for your website will become available to further set your site apart from the other really helping to create your own identity.

Your store can be fully automated or you can tune to whatever extent you want to control the store, it is simple and accessible.

What’s the catch? Simply there isn’t one Kinguin helps you get products, gives you 24/7 customer support in a variety of languages. There are also zero backlinks back to us at Kinguin; it’s your own entire store.