What makes Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare different?

 No matter if you are a CS, Battlefield or CoD fan, you have to admit that Mr. Spacey is right. 

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gives us that fresh and exciting neo-tactical game experience that we missed so much in the last few years.

The game is coming with a lot (and by that we mean A LOT) of customization of weapons, supply drops, character gear, player selected exo-abilities, abilities, load outs, score streaks,exo-perk ... we already went too far.
The new revolutionary, innovative movement system and mechanics will make those who were born before the 2000th (or by some reason have played Unreal Tournament) feel very comfortable in their shiny exo-costumes while performing low-gravity leaps, mid-jump dashes and slides and the Mario-like boost slam!

The multiplayer is more unpredictable and wicked than that girl you knew in high school!
All the new features are giving you the chance to turn yourself from a noob into a indestructible master of war ... as long as you meet another jedi-wanna-be.

You'll have the chance to carry your own personal shield, giving you the chance to reflect enemy missiles and grenades. You can even go in "Cloak" mode.
All those (and many others) updates are giving the player the chance to create his unique way of playing, to customize weaponry and movement dynamics. Therefore you'll be able to create a silent-cloak-wearing assassin or a heavily armored, well equipped tank to smash your opponent's defenses.

Prepare yourself for PG13 kind of fun, lots of marine war cries and explosions on every corner, and please don't forget text to your girlfriend that she'll probably see you on Christmas...

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You're welcome