Civilization V: Brave New World

Civilization isn’t a game it is a time machine. You’ll start it up at 12pm with the view of playing for an hour or two and finally you’ll get off, look at the time and its 3 am in the morning.

My brother and I always play Civ. Together there is plenty of backstabbing and wars that happen and we are so excited we get to do it all again with the release of the brand new expansion ‘Brave New World’. The expansion focusses on the admittedly rather lacklustre end game that has been present throughout the Civilisation franchise.

There is the new Culture Victory in which the ultimate goal is to become the envy of the world with your masterpieces, artists and musicians. In addition to that are the new policies and ideologies, once you enter the industrial age you can choose from three new ones: Freedom, Order and Autocracy.

Then there is the World Congress. You vote on many important matters like trade sanctions, the use of nuclear weapons and designating cities to host the World Games. These all lead into the diplomatic victory meaning that choosing your enemies and allies is more important than ever.

Another new addition is International Trade Routes. This gives you the ability to turn your cities into superpowers in the global market, creating wealthier and more prosperous civilisations. These trade routes help persuade your enemies into thinking twice on attacking you while you stealthily transfer your religious and cultural attributes to your rivals.

There are also some new wonders added like the Parthenon and The Globe Theatre.

Along with all these new things we have the welcome addition of new Civs, Units and Buildings. The new Civilisations include the likes of Poland, Brazil, Portugal and many more. These all come with their own traits units and bulidings.

All I see is my time slipping away, such is the way with Civilisation and I am sure none of us would have it any other way.