BEST GAMES OF E3 - our selection

As usual Electronic Entertainment Expo is heating up gamers all around the world. The best gaming companies present what they have the best. New titles and awesome continuations. Remakes and reimaginings. Everything must go!


After watching the conferences we’ve selected some of the best games of this year’s E3 - it’s completely subjective, so maybe you will find our selection unbearable, or completely wrong. But still - here it is! Let’s get dirtE3



For Honor

 Ubisoft goes melee combat! For Honor is a new franchise focused on medieval sword fighting. You will be able to play a game of “rock-paper-scissors” with your opponent choosing the right attack or defense, and execute them in proper timing. There are rolls, blocks and parries. After some training you can dance around your opponents in a deadly ballet, chopping off heads, crushing bones and taking on objectives. For Honor is in pre-alpha but it already looks pretty rad! We are waiting for the beta which is supposed to start in the beginning of 2016.

The Division

 We’ve been in love with this game for two years now, since we first saw it. This amazing tactical shooter is supposed to mix coop, MMO and classic multiplayer in one huge world - New York to be exact. After an outbreak of a disease a special government agency is being set up to deal with the fallout. You are a member of that agency. Together with your friends, or completely alone, you undertake difficult missions in the plague-ridden city. You look for new gear and weapons and try to survive in a hostile and very dangerous environment.


Assasssin’s Creed Syndicate

 Assassin’s Creed is back with a vengeance - literally because the Frye twins are there to settle some old scores. Jacob and Evie are two young assassins who come to London to fight the rising Templar Order. And they do it with the help of local gangs! A newly developed fighting system heavily inspired by “Arkham brawling” allows you more personal and definitely more brutal combat. Revamped parkour will be easier to perform especially thanks to a grappling hook which you use to elevate yourself to the roofs of the city. After weak Unity we have high hopes for Syndicate.



Tom Clancy’s: Ghost Recon Wildlands

 It seems like Ubisoft is out to completely dominate open world games. After the very successful Far Cry 3 and 4 now they turn one of their flag franchises, Ghost Recon, into an open world tactical shooter. After what we’ve seen at the presentation we are completely charmed - huge area to explore, total freedom when comes to how you tackle your objectives, different outcomes depending on methods and a-ma-zing graphics have put this title high on our “most wanted” list. We have high hopes for this one and we think that Ubisoft will not disappoint.




Fallout 4

Oh how we’ve waited! But finally our patience has been rewarded and the newest addition to the Fallout universe is just around the corner! Fallout 4 will put you in the shoes of The Wanderer again. This time you are a survivor of Vault 111 which is set in Boston - we are not yet sure if you are a lone survivor, but we are sure about the date and it’s the year 2240, so it’s a LONG time in the future. This explains why the world presented in the first videos is much more colorful than before. Fallout 4 sports all the same features you love (huge open world full of interesting quests, VATS system and real-time combat, tons of customization options) plus some of new stuff, most importantly - completely new crafting system which will allow you to construct your own weapons, gear and… even housing! We can hardly wait. The game is coming this November.


Dishonored 2

The first part of Dishonored is an instant hit and one of the best games of the last generation. This time however we are switching the hero Corvo Attano for someone well-known - empress Emily Kaldwin. It seems that not only she obtained some quite amazing powers, but is also an assassin as efficient as Corvo used to be. So far we’ve been only shown a short CGI video, but we hope it will be as good as, or even better, than the first part.


Hell on earth will begin in 2016. The game that almost single-handedly created a genre of First Person Shooters (with a little help from Wolfenstein 3d and Quake) and now after some long years it’s finally coming back! The presentation at E3 left us wanting more - more blood, more death, more weapons and more Doom. We’ve been shown some classic gameplay and weapons - double-barreled shotgun, plasma gun and of course the cult chainsaw will all be featured in the game. We loved Doom years ago and we love it still. ID Software - please don’t let us down.




Definitely best, most touching and earnest presentation in all of E3. Living example that you will be repaid for being frank. When a skinny, timid developer from Sweden started talking about the game he created during holidays with his family, using only yarn and a lot of imagination we knew we are looking at something special. Unravel is a puzzle-platformer in which you take the role of Yarnie - a small and cute creature made entirely out of yarn. And yarn you will use to solve the riddles set by the authors. This game was a hit at the EA conference and we agree with that entirely.


Mass Effect: Andromeda

Not much has been shown or said about new Mass Effect at this year’s E3. The game is set a long time after the Trilogy and you can play as a male or female. Mako from the first Mass Effect is making a comeback though it will be heavily reworked to cope with the criticism the original vehicle encountered. It seems that this time you will not be playing as Shepard but hey… we’ve seen some cloning and dead coming back in our times, so there is still a chance!


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

One of the most awaited sequels in history was announced some time ago. Now Swedish developer DICE has finally shared some info. You will, of course, play as a runner Faith, and again you will visit the City of Glass. This time however you will be free to go wherever you please, and take part in many different activities in the open world of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. The story will focus on how Faith becomes a runner so we can expect the unexpected. The video left us wanting more and we can only hope for DICE to deliver. Fortunately - they usually do deliver!



As always FIFA is coming with it’s yearly edition. And as always it’s coming with an abundance of new features. The key thing EA wants to focus on is something called “Play beautifully”. There are number of changes to defense, offence and player control which are supposed to make the game easier to play and more spectacular. Also for the first time in the series you will be able to experience women’s football as well! If you love football you will not be disappointed.



Dark Souls 3

One of the most revered series for true hardcore gamers is making a comeback. After a short detour to the world of Bloodborne From Software goes back to its roots. Not much has been shown from Dark Souls 3 but a lumbering monster from the trailer reminds us of the best scenes from Demon Souls and both parts of Dark Souls. As usual the game will feature a level of difficulty suited only for true masochists and the most hardcore fights with the hugest bosses in gaming.




Rise of the Tomb Raider

The new Tomb Raider will come with timed exclusivity for X-box and sometime after it should be available for all platforms. Set some time after the last Tomb Raider, the newest addition to the series will focus on Lara trying to find the ancient city of Kitezh, set somewhere in Siberia. Lara will have more options to go stealthy and evade the opponents instead of fighting them. There will be much more exploration, better puzzles, day-night cycle and changing weather conditions. So far we’ve been shown a sequence during an avalanche which clearly shows that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be exactly as exciting as it should be.





Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Adam Jensen is making a comeback. New graphics engine, new augments, new, involving storyline - every fan of cyberpunk has a lot to be happy about. The game will pick up 2 years after the first part, and Adam will have to deal with consequences of his former action - hatred of common people towards augmented ones. And it won't be an easy task as the revolution of humans is now a reality. We have high hopes with this title. Last Deus Ex was one of the best games of its period and deffinitely the best cyberpunk game up to date. Now it's up to Mankind Divided to take over this spot. 



Final Fantasy VII HD

They say that dreams do come true and this announcement is an exact example of that saying. When last year Square Enix showed a version of Final Fantasy VII for new consoles people got sorely disappointed. It was the same game, with the same graphics - nothing was changed. This is not the case with the HD edition - we didn’t see much, only a cinematic trailer, but it seems that the whole FFVII will be redone with new graphics and special effects. The story is already there so we are pretty sure we will enjoy it as much as we used to!



Another return - this time it’s famous Number 47, the most efficient, resourceful and intelligent assassin on the face of the planet. We have no clue what the mission will be all about, but it seems that 47 is making a return in glory, taking on new assignments. We know IO Interactive and we are sure that they will deliver as they always do - the last part of the game was pretty much as awesome as the older ones so there is no reason to not to believe in the newest addition to the series.