Battlefield 3 Giveaway!

It is that time again when the stars align and the Moon is showing in its fullness, I am of course talking about giveaway time!

As many of you may know we like to giveaway games on a regular basis as a thank you to you guys for being awesome. Once again you have the chance to win one of the best FPS’ ever created, Battlefield 3.

If somehow you still don’t own Battlefield 3 let me fill you in on what you are missing on. Jet planes exploding, Tanks being sabotaged by C4, Helicopters transporting soldiers to the frontline and snipers piercing the skulls of unsuspecting foes from miles away. Battlefield 3 features massive 64 player maps within a range of locales that contain both destructible buildings and environments. BF3 has it all and you have been missing out.

Can I hear you ask how you can enter such a giveaway? Well its simple, there are 3 steps:

That’s all you need to do!

I am sure many of you already know how entertaining our YouTube channel is but if you don’t allow me to explain. Our Channel contains many different Let’s Plays from hilarious commentators with games ranging from another great FPS for different reasons in Metro: Last Light to GRID 2 for the petrol heads among us.

Also to make sure you never miss a giveaway, we make sure to announce them on the channel as well.

So make sure to subscribe, like and leave a comment for a chance to win one of the most critically acclaimed and loved franchises around, Battlefield 3!

Good Luck!

Lucky winner: Nikola Petrović