Charity Tournament DDos and postponed to next weekend

Due to numerous DDos attacks during Kinguin For Charity Winter Edition 2015 the tournament will be postponed for the next weekend in order to give players the time to protect themselves from any interruption that may be caused by third parties. The official date is going to be announced on Kinguin For Charity website and at our official Facebook Profile at monday.

Therefore the matches that got affected by third parties (namely: Neirea vs Ekop, Massan vs Powder and StrifeCro vs ThijsNL) will be replayed. However the matches that already took place and were not concerned by connectivity issues are not going to be replayed.

We would like to say "Thank you!" to our donators for supporting our cause that focuses on helping kids from Child's Play foundation. So far, we have gathered 1205.50 $.

Thanks to all of you who have watched us and we hope you had a great time during this event despite the connectivity issues. We hope to see you next weekend where the tournament will continue as it was mentioned in the paragraph above!