Kinguin For Charity - Day 1 - 16th Part I Recap

Kinguin for Charity has started off with a bang by introducing new decks, which included a lot of Goblins versus Gnomes cards. Paladin and Warrior rose up to the expectations and kept on dominating the games.

Powder vs Kolento:

During the first game we were able to observe the marvels of the new midrange, Quartermaster based Paladins. The game result kept to hang in the air until Powder got a power turn by drawing Consecration after Kolento had used his Muster for Battle. In game two Kolento went on to pick Priest and he managed to beat the new Paladin deck with a few nifty area of effect clearing combos. Powder went on to play his Druid deck in game number three, which brought the clearing abilities of Priest to the test with high health minions. Ultimately the two players faced off in a Druid versus Druid match-up, where Piloted Sky Golems turned the game in Powder’s favor and eventually brought him to a 3-1 record, eliminating Kolento from the tournament.

Kitkatz vs Hosty:

Hosty started off with an extremely smart ban against Kitkatz, who by many is considered to be one of the best Warrior players in the current Hearthstone competitive scene. Ironically, Hosty went on to play the Warrior himself. The first game turned out to be a Zoolock versus Warrior in which Hosty managed to completely outclass the swarming power that comes with a low-cost minion deck by completely clearing the board in a pivotal turn. Game two presented a Paladin deck with a few new tech picks, especially the Sneed’s Old Shredder and Seal of Light, however Warrior continue its dominant run. Game three featured a Hunter deck that was oriented around clearing and developing the board at a very past face, while keeping your card draw as steady as possible by running double Jeeves; this valiant effort went to waste as Warrior completely confirmed its overpowering strength and gave out more reasons as to why it is the second most used class of the tournament.

Firebat vs Hyped:

The third best of five kicked off with a Hunter mirror match-up in which Firebat, the current holder of the World Champion title, brought Hyped to the ground by displaying a few interesting card choices; mainly Stampeding Kodo and Big Game Hunter, which is an extremely uncommon card for our ever beloved Rexxar. In the second game Hyped went for a Warrior deck to increase his chances for as much as it was possible, however he couldn’t control that which is beyond the grasp of human beings, as Firebat proceeded to get a great draw, one after another, which successfully leaded him to a 2:0 lead. Game three ended up in a variation of a Zoolock with Fel Reaver versus the dominative Firebat’s Hunter; Hyped’s efforts did not come to fruition as his special pick didn’t manage to turn the game in his favor in the very end.


TidesofTime vs Twixsen:

The first match started with one of the most interesting decks we have seen thus far – a Mage that runs Blingtron and Duplicate. Twixsen used the element of surprise very well and took game one from Tides, however late got swept with the uprising Paladin three games in a row. Paladin simply overpowered Mage in game two and had a close call against both Priest and Warrior. Game three showed us why Muster for Battle and Quartermaster is completely insane right now and we can totally expect Paladin to start getting itself a few bans. The game between Warrior and Paladin could have gone either way, however a questionable play from Twixsen made him lose a lot of tempo and thus eventually the game.