25 days of surprises!

December, finally! We can’t wait for Christmas! How many days left? Do you count? Because we do and, including today, there are exactly 25 days left!

Yeah, 25 long days of waiting… What would you say to make each of them a special one?

We introduce the Kinguin Advent Calendar 2015 – the best countdown ever invented!

The idea is simple, and is the same as in any Advent Calendar – it’s used to count and celebrate the days in anticipation in the biggest holiday of the year! But, when it comes to implementation, the Kinguin Advent Calendar wins at every level Why? It’s dedicated to gamers, that’s why!

In our calendar, behind every consecutive door (or window), every day an amazing prize will be hidden. Every window will reveal different kinds of goods: from apparel through hardware and accessories to discount coupons and free games keys. All prizes will be combined with deals of the day! For 25 days you will have a chance to grab an awesome prize!

Meet our partners, who helped us making this calendar EPIC: 

Corsair Components, Inc. is an American computer peripherals and hardware company. They’re well known of the best gaming equipment. They decided to share with us with their products, so stay tuned!

Our another partner is AOC International, which is a multinational electronics company and a subsidiary of TPV Technology. It designs and produces a full range of IPS and TFT monitors and LCD TVs which are sold worldwide under the AOC brand. We have a good news for you - they also prepared something special on this occasion!

EpicGear is an innovative brand that provides epic gaming peripherals for gamers of all levels. Would you like to try what’s in their offer? Try your luck with Kinguin Advent Calendar!

Join the fun, the rules are really simple:

  • Every day, starting December 1st, on this landing page a new window will be active. You must click it, and after you do that, you will be transferred to the site with a prize and the deal of the day!
  • After redirecting to the concrete site you will find an app with a special tasks (an actions) to complete.
  • The app is well known to all veterans of Kinguin’s giveaways. Every action is an entrance, and it works just like a lottery coupon – the more actions you perform, the bigger your chances to win!
  • Every window will be active for 24 hours, from 10 AM CET. Windows from the previous days will be open but won’t be active. This way you can always check who won the day before, and what was the prize.

So, what do you say? Would you like to wait for Christmas with us?