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How to sell

Here's a short step by step instruction how to sell on

How To: Add a New Offer

On the top of main page you can find "+Sell" button. If you click it, you can see 3 possible actions:

  • Sell New CD Key

  • Sell New Steam Gift

  • Restock Current Offers

How to: Sell New CD Key

If you want to sell a new CD key make sure it's on the list, just select it and click "Next". If the product you want to add is not on the list, click "Create a new product".

  1. After you choose the right one, click "Next".

  2. Input your product "Price" (in EUR), notewhorty facts for your customers (Game actiaved in different way, languages, region locks). 

  3. Then you just need to input text serials (1 line = 1 key) or if scans, use uploader down below.

  4. Last thing to do is to activate your offer from INACTIVE offers panel. 

REMEMBER: Make sure the product you choose from the list is the same as the product you want to sell (RU versions, Retail keys etc.) If not, create a new product. 

How to: Sell New CD Key - Create an offer

In order to create a new offer you need to input all important information! Full name with information about STEAM/ORIGIN, languages, region locks etc. 

Make sure to choose if this game is a STEAM GIFT 

Upload your keys!

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