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Buy Tecroroid Assault Steam CD Key

Buy Tecroroid Assault Steam CD Key

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A synthetic race has come to your planet to steal your technology, And you have to fight them off. Fight off the Tecroroid invasion as they sent wave after wave of enemies to the planet. Use everything at your disposal to defend the planet and prevent your technology from being stolen. You have multiple tanks at your disposal to defend your planets technology. Upgrade your tank to stand a chance against this formidable foe.

You must defend the Earths technology from the Tecroroid invasion, or risk being sent back to the dark ages. Use tanks that have been built using Human technology combined with a Tecroroid core to fend off the invaders and save the Earth.


  • Multiple levels each with multiple waves
  • Challenge Levels to test your skills
  • Multiple playable tanks each with their own upgrades and weapons
  • Enhance your tanks, main weapon, and sub-weapon
  • Difficulty modifiers to change the way you want to play the game.
  • Some ships have a main and a sub-weapon that uses energy.
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