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Release date: 05/01/2019

It's a rhythm game that be designed to require player using theirs all ten fingers, similar to playing piano, but more simpler then it.

The game is maybe not quite funny because it is an experimental game for hand-eye coordination training purpose, I really hope you can enjoy all of the music.

Notice !

  • All the songs' score have three levels only, maybe we will try to add more song and song level in the future, but we can't promise it.
  • The game program will report log through network when closing.
  • The game is an Indie game, we could not test many graphics cards for program, please play demo version before you buy it, base on first point, we can get log when demo program be closed, if any problem occurred, just wait(do nothing, don't buy this game) or report by comment or email, we will try to fix problem fast as we can.

How to play the game well:

  • Don't be a utilitarian when playing, score and judgment is just not that important, it's not worth to affect anyone's mood.
  • Put all your fingers onto controlling keys of notes and don't move anymore.
  • Use left-brain in the beginning, learning how to tap notes by every fingers, make left-to-right brain transferring in the end, it's will not take too much time normally.
  • Do ring finger and little finger exercise when you have a spare time.
  • Just play a few more time, you can get better performance when you familiar with score notes.
  • Look at screen center and use peripheral vision to check notes, don't just focus on single note, or you will ignore more notes.
  • Enjoy all the songs, to find inner peace :)
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