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Release date: 15/10/2018

Dark Core is an RPG Game created by NMATI. NMATI, provides Windows, Mac, IOS and Android application development/support, PlayStation4 development, XBox 360 development, 2D and 3D art and visual effects, and project guidance. Ray Team Studio is a new game development studio that started at Saudi Aramco Wa’ed Entrepreneurship Program. Ray Team Studios’ talented core team members have individual experience with dozens of high technical skills. Ray Team Studio is committed to creating high-quality, innovative, successful games, websites, mobile apps, logos & icons and software.

Help Alex and his friends to acquire the dark core fragments in order to get out of the castle which they were kidnapped. Who kidnapped them? and why? Help them moving froward and discover the mystery!

This game is a classic RPG game. It is similar to classic final fantasy games. You have 4 characters which you can get while game playing. You can level up to 99 with hard work. You can find a powerful bosses who will give you a shred of the dark core that will open the final door and end the game. The story is 3-4 hours walkthrough. Enjoy!

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