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Comprar Space of Darkness Steam CD Key

Comprar Space of Darkness Steam CD Key

Region Free
Pode ser ativado em - Estados Unidos
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Data de lançamento: 15/07/2017

Space of Darkness tells the story of a mechanic who works on a space station. The mechanic is alone on the ship for a few months. One day the power suddenly cuts off. He soon finds himself alone in the dark corridors of a space station. Can you unearth what truly happened on the space station? Are you able to find the small Space Ship and help the partner crew?
you are a mechanic who wants to find out what happened on the space station, it will be a little adventure that awaits him a space station full of unexpected surprises, explore, make quests, collect stuff and survive!
  • Low-Poly Graphics
  • Jump-Scares
  • Loot
  • Letters
  • Enemys
  • Hotbar
  • Flashlight System
  • Achievements
  • and more!