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Comprar M.A.C.S. Steam CD Key

Comprar M.A.C.S. Steam CD Key

Region Free
Pode ser ativado em - Estados Unidos
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Data de lançamento: 14/06/2017

M.A.C.S. is a fast paced top down shooter in a persistent, procedurally generated world.
Drive around and avoid your enemies, find weapon power-ups to even the odds. Soon you can place your own power-ups in your persistent world for you to collect on future runs! Key FeaturesPersistent, generated world
M.A.C.S. generates a random world unique to each user, but the same each time you enter it. Place power-ups and bonuses into the world for your future runs through the same areas.
Fully voiced storyline
Discover Max, Jeremiah and Benji as they lead you through the game, and uncover their story.
Collect coins in the game to purchase over 30 different upgrades, weapons and other boosts that will greatly improve your abilities throughout the game.
There are several different enemies in the game, each with a unique appearance and requiring a different strategy to defeat.