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Comprar Skullgirls - 2nd Encore Upgrade DLC Steam Gift

Comprar Skullgirls - 2nd Encore Upgrade DLC Steam Gift

Region Free
Pode ser ativado em - Estados Unidos
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Hear Skullgirls' story as never before, try your hand at all new trials and challenges, and see how long you can last in Survival! Also unlocks all five additional characters: sing zombie opera with Squigly, and make beautiful music with Big Band! Unleash Eliza's skeletal Parasite, and howl at the moon with Beowulf! And, finally, learn why humans cry with Robo-Fortune. All while taking advantage of the full range of color options so you'll look spiffy in your next match! It's everything you want, in one convenient package!
This upgrade adds the following to the base Skullgirls game:
- All DLC characters: Squigly, Big Band, Eliza, Beowulf and Robo-Fortune!
- All DLC character colors, plus extra colors from Skullgirls Mobile and Skullgirls Switch: Brings all 14 characters up to 27 total colors, with many having even more!
- Fully-voiced Story Mode: Skullgirls' excellent cast of voice actors bring the story to life like never before!
- Unlocks the No Man's Land stage from Skullgirls Mobile!
- Challenges: Win a variety of challenging battles with unique conditions, and even play as Marie!
- Trials: Learn actually-useful combos, from basic bread n' butter to more advanced ones!
- Survival Mode: Endless waves of enemies await - how long can you survive?