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Comprar PROTOThYPE Steam CD Key

Comprar PROTOThYPE Steam CD Key

Region Free
Pode ser ativado em - Estados Unidos
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Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, I have a story to tell you.
Answer a question...
Have you ever been in love?
I’m sure that you have.
Now answer another question...
Were you loved back, or has your love been unrequited?
Welcome to PROTOThYPE, a really short game experience that will allow you to discover the tormented love story of a young developer for a classmate.
You will relive this interesting digital experience, exploring all game prototypes created by our narrator, and you’ll have to show your best detective skills to continue on and unlock all the pieces of the story.
  • A narrative puzzles game
  • Inspired from the best known "The Stanley Parable" and "The Beginners Guide"
  • Short gameplay to improve your emotions
  • No saves allowed! ;P
  • Narred on inglese,with english and italian subtitles.

*the perfect mix of Prototype and Hype