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Acquistalo The Strayed Steam CD Key

Acquistalo The Strayed Steam CD Key

Region Free
Può essere attivato in - Estados Unidos
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the Strayed - Adventure Platformer Game
  • The Strayed - adventure platformer game
  • Classic platformer in best traditions of genre
  • Old scool style
  • Original storyline
  • 30 engrossing levels
  • Collect numerous bonus
  • Game with early development access

The Strayed is a classic old school side scrolling platformer with an original storyline and over 30 levels game will contain in future releases.
Buying a game in the early access, you will support the further development of the game and quality content!
Main hero is a young guy wandering around the strange island in search of his beloved, who disappeared after the crash of an aircraft on which they flew on vacation. Now our hero has to go on a journey in search of his beloved with hopes that she is still alive. He will fight with mysterious creatures, meet with interesting inhabitants of the island and visit dangerous adventures and interesting places. Help our hero find his beloved.
The game has more 30 interesting levels, 5 amazing locations. Easy control. Support steam and google play games services.
The game is still in development and has some bugs. Our team is very small, just 2 person, that’s why the development is progressing slowly, but we are trying to make high-quality content and in the near future to release a new update.
Mr J. must find his way through the island, encountering dark caves, a temple, and some of the ugliest critters on the face of the Earth. There are many secrets and mysteries to be solved, and many coins and ancient artifacts to discover. important Note This game is still in early access and may contain bugs.