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Buy Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards] Steam CD Key

Buy Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards] Steam CD Key

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"Hanafuda" is a traditional Japanese card game.
Now you can play Koi Koi, its most well-known variation.

In Koi Koi, you compete to snatch up cards that will allow you to win by forming Yaku, or card combinations, before your opponent does.
If you form a Yaku, you can aim for even more points by calling "Koi Koi" and continuing the game. I hope you'll try this simple, but fiercely competitive game of strategy.


  • Optimized for Hanafuda Beginners
    We've prepared an easy-to-use tutorial for those who may be playing for the first time.
    Now anyone can learn the basic rules and start enjoying Koi Koi right away.
  • Beautiful Japanese Design
    The cards with floral and animal designs evoke a sense of "wabi sabi," a uniquely Japanese aesthetic. Combined with elegant music, this enchanting game is sure to captivate you.
  • Great Replay Value
    Enjoy the game again and again with extra features such as achievements and Collection Mode where you can collect postcards depicting Japanese scenery.
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