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  • I can't believe!
    I can't believe!

    You like female cosplays, don't you? Almost every "good" cosplay includes photos of a nice neckline that reveals what is should. It turns out that everything is fiction! We have been cheated! Check this tutorial to see how girls managed to trick us.

  • 1. The Base
    1. The Base

    Well as you can see "the base" is not promising. so we will need:

    - a tightly fitted bra with pushups and wires
    - socks!
    - a little larger bra, also with pushups and wires
    - a padded bra, without the wires but much larger then previous
    - make-up: brown or dark eyeshadow

  • 2. Double bra
    2. Double bra

    Put on the smallest bra first and cover it with medium one (it is not absolutely necessary but helps in "lifting")

  • 3. Socks
    3. Socks

    - roll them and put into first bra to lift the breasts and expose them more
    - you can use silicone inserts but sock works fair enough
    - you can adjust the final result using multiple socks

  • 4. Last bra
    4. Last bra

    It has to be much larger than the previous ones. Wires are not necessary because this layer is only to increase the volume so it needs large pushups. Also without the wires it will be easier to fit it with bras you have already on.

  • 5. Make-up!
    5. Make-up!

    The most important step.
    For better effect use product in powder (eyeshadow, contour powder etc.) in dark brown colour, without the red undertones

  • 6. Done
    6. Done

    Do you see the difference?