The Witcher 3 - game is almost ready!

CEO of CD Pjojekt RED, Adam Kicińsk, gave some interesting informations about their new game in interview with Polish website What can we expect?

When he was asked if the new game from the Witcher's universe is ready he said that it is not but will be finished really soon. He said that "you can play the whole game from the beginning to the very end (I would say "ends" since the game has 64 different endings) with all side quests" and they just have to work more with optimization.

Kiciński also revealed that game will be available in 12 different languages (probably PL/EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/RU/CZ/HG/JP/TU/CHI as previous game), the retail boxes are ready and they will include many bonuses not only in collector's editions but also in standard one.

Release date will be announced in next few months.