The Man Who Wants to Build The Matrix - Interview

About a month ago I've found a weird video of an empty building in Krakow, Poland. There was something wrong with the video. The camera was moving too smoothly and the windows looked as if they had been painted. I had forgotten about it until I saw a teaser of the Get Even game from the Polish studio The Farm 51. OMG! This wasn't a video! It is a perfect 3D scan!

Meet Christopher Płonka, the creator of this technology from the studio Better Reality.

How long did it take to create such a technology?

The whole development process has taken over 3 years of work and a lot of investing in super computers. The things you can see on the technological demo (video above) are about one year old. Since then we have developed better technology, which is even closer to perfection. The new technological demo will be available soon and you will see the difference. Using older technology we were able to scan objects and larger rooms. Now we can scan whole buildings. With hundreds of rooms, corridors and the whole construction.

Those are big words. Let's talk about something smaller - how long would it take to scan your office (about 60 square meters and 4 meters high)?

Gathering information about a location takes only a few hours, but then we have to use very advanced computing, which reconstructs the material. Most of the work is done in our studio.

I'm still wondering about your last video. In what resolution has this building been scanned?

In this demo the resolution of the textures is 16K; however, we are capturing them in even higher resolution. If we want, we can generate it on an 8K monitor (8000x8000 pixels) and every dot is going to be separate data. New standard of games is 4K but we are prepared for higher resolutions when stronger graphic cards and displays will be available.

That is a massive amount of information. Are current gaming devices, PCs and consoles ready to handle such graphics?

Without any problems. We have been doing real time tests for about a year and it works fantastic. We have developed a very efficient way to display the graphics but let it be secret for now.

What about the cost? Your technology seems expensive.

We are working on an optimalization process to speed up the procedure of transferring data to the game engine. When it is done, the reduction of cost will be significant. But high quality and photorealism are most important.

You have scanned static objects. What about animation, a digital model of destruction?

Don't worry! We are also thinking about a new technology of interactive environment, we have even made several tests and the results are promising.

The whole idea of 3D scans isn't new, right?

Actually, it has existed for over 30 years. But the realism and precision of the scans was questionable. The scans were incomplete, they posed more problems than benefits.

What about scanning people?

Such technology already exists in motion capture studios. You have seen it in L.A. Noire for example. In the nearest future we want to initiate a system that can do a 360 degree scan of a person in a split second. We want to see photorealistic people in photorealistic enviroment

You have heard about Oculus Rift for sure. This device seems to be perfect for your technology.

I shouldn't tell that but we have our own device. We are making final tests and effect is amazing - with 3D scans it gives you the feeling of teleportation.  We will reveal more soon.

Is anyone else, excluding The Farm 51, already interested in your technology?

Sony is interested, if their PlayStation 4 is able to handle the graphics, and they are interested in future cooperation.

How do you see future of Thorskan?

Thorskan was the test technology and it is already outdated (laugh). At the moment we are talking about Informatrix3D. Thorskan was the intermediate stage. Just wait for new technological demo and you will see the diference.

I really can't wait to see it. Thank you for your time.

Thank you too.


And at the end trailer of the game Get Even