Take your chances! Kinguin giveaway with Redmercy!

Win a copy of Evolve, Dying Light or a 30€ voucher to spend on Kinguin! And make defeating your enemies your everyday routine. Be prepared, it’s a real jungle out there!

In savage world of Evolve you will have to make your choice: hunt or be hunted! The creators of Left 4 Dead give you totally new experience of multiplayer gaming. Be a part of a team of four hunters and fight together against the horrifying alien creatures or… become one of the monsters. In both cases: you are the predator.


Beside the copy of Evolve there is one copy of Dying Light waiting for you!

Kill zombies with style and become a parkour master! You will explore an amazing open world during the day, searching for weapons and hunting for the dead walkers! By night everything will change… and you will become the prey.

Dying Light

But for now try to be a winner and grab some money to spend on Kinguin.

Where you can get it?

Redmercy is calling himself a “gamer for life”. He is a Canadian streamer and youtuber and he’s making an educational League of Legends videos to improve his followers gameplay! Check his Twitch channel! It’s Kinguin recommended!

Who is providing these awesome items?

Kinguin is a global marketplace for digital games where you really can SAVE ON EVERY GAME! We are a solution for gamers from all around the world who want to find their beloved games at the best prices possible!

Redmercy and Kinguin Giveaway!

There’s no time to loose, you have one week only!

Hurry up and stay tuned!

Winners will be announced here on 23rd of February!