Fnatic and TSM are the next Intel Extreme Masters World Champions!

Two teams rose to greatness and became Intel Extreme Masters World Champions - Fnatic in Counter Strike Global Offensive, and Team SoloMid in League of Legends.

From the 12th to 15th of March, the Polish city of Katowice became the capital of e-sports. Tens of thousands of fans came from all around Europe to witness tears, sweat and amazing showcases of skill and dedication from the best pro players in the world.

Fnatic - a world class e-sport team - faced veterans from Ninjas in Pyjamas, considered one of the best (if not the best) teams currently playing CS:GO, and that meeting was dramatic to say the least.

After taking one map both, it came down to the decisive match on Inferno. In one moment Fnatic was winning 15-4, then NiP caught the second wind and started dominating their opponents, catching up until the score was 15-13.

It was an emotional rollercoaster for every Fnatic fan out there - on several occasions Fnatic players were inches away from victory but NiP played like a charm, taking round after round. Only then Fnatic, playing the terrorist side, managed to plant a bomb. It was only a second that separated winning from losing - the bomb exploded and the new World Champions were crowned.

Team SoloMid is one of the oldest and most loved teams in the world. Even the players admit that no matter where they go, they always feel like playing on the homeground. Katowice was no different - the whole of Spodek was chanting „TSM” when the Best of 5 series with Chinese Team World Elite started. Each time the TSM players scored a kill or took an objective, the crowd exploded with joy.

The first round was even - even though TSM secured first blood, the Chinese quickly came back and started controlling the map. But after several amazing plays from TSM (especially their support player Lustboy), TSM came in victorious. The situation repeated itself in the second round - it was a true tug of war in which both teams played at their fullest potential. Again, it was TSM who took the round. At 2-0 it was only a question of one more round and TSM pushed as hard as possible, completely dominating Chinese players from Team WE. Fantastic map control, organized plays, ganks, and teamfights - TSM outplacement WE in every aspect forcing them to early surrender.

With utmost pleasure we salute our champions! GG;WP!